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4F, E block, Nanchang Huafeng
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Email: sales@sunsoartech.com

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6-layer Pcb Board PCB Production ShenZhen High-efficiency PCB Supplier

6-layer Pcb Board PCB Production ShenZhen High-efficiency PCB Supplier

6-layer pcb board PCB production ShenZhen high-efficiency PCB supplier 6-layer pcb board PCB production ShenZhen high-efficiency PCB supplier Detailed specification of manufaturing capacity: Product Description Company Information Pictures show Our factory: Packaging & Shipping FAQ 1. How...

Product Details

6-layer pcb board PCB production ShenZhen high-

efficiency PCB supplier

6-layer pcb board PCB production ShenZhen high-efficiency PCB supplier


Detailed specification of manufaturing capacity:

Product Description


Surface processing type

HASL/ plating gold /immersion gold/ Ni/Au plating gold finger/OSP processing/immersion Tin (Sn)



Min trace width


Min space width


Min trace to pad/pad to pad space


Min drill diameter


Min via pad


Max board size


Molding board thickness


Min solder mask dam


Min solder mask clearance


Min solder mask thickness


Solder mask type

Green/yellow/black/red/white/blue or transparent photosensitive solder mask and peel off blue glue.

Min silk legend width


Min silk legend height


Silk legend color

White/ yellow /black

Data file format

GERBER file and corresponding drilling file,PROTEL series,PADS2000,POWERPCB series,ODB++
Gerber file and Corresponding Broach file, PROTEL series,PADS2000,POWERPCB series, ODB++

Electricity performance testing 
Electricity performance testing

100% electrical performance testing,high pressure testing
100%electricity performance testing, high-pressure testing

Various types base material to PCB processing

High TG board, high frequency board(ROGERS,TEFLON) halogen-free board (FR-4,CEM-1,CEM-3)

Other testing request




Company Information



Pictures show




Our factory:


Packaging & Shipping







 1.How long have you been in business?

We have been supplying printed circuit boards and pcb assembly etc. EMS service since 1998.

2.What information do I need to provide to get a price quote for my project?

We can never have too much information. At a minimum we need gerber data, generally in RS274x format, Excellon drill file, PCB specification, BOM list, quantity and lead times.

3.How long will it take to get a quote?

We return domestic quotes the same day, usually within hours. Offshore quotes are generally returned within 24 hours.

4.Do you handle PCB quick turnaround?

We specialize in quick turns. We can turn 1-2layers boards in one day, for 4-6layers pcb we build them in 3-5 days.

5.Can I get PCB prototypes from you?

We have a very strong front end system and have capacity to handle several prototypes every days.

6.Do you run a separate line for prototypes and production?

No, we production tool everything. If your prototype turns into production, you won't incur any additional tooling charges.

7.What file formats do you accept for PCB assembly?

Gerber and CAM Auto CAD DXF, DWG formats 

8.What is your record for "on time" delivery?

We strive for 100%, but currently run 97-99% on time.   

Sunsoar IPC Double Sided Printing Bluetooth Circuit Board Pcb In Shenzhen

SUNSOAR is one of the credible PCBA manufacturers and suppliers in China, and our factory can offer you discount and high-quality 6-layer pcb board pcb production shenzhen high-efficiency pcb supplier made in China. Don't hesitate to contact us.

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