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Professional Manufactur Hot F4bm255 PCB Floor Scale Custom PCB Design

Professional Manufactur Hot F4bm255 PCB Floor Scale Custom PCB Design

Professional Manufactur hot f4bm255 pcb floor scale custom pcb design Best quality high power aluminum led PCB, led PCB This is Disa from Shenzhen Yuzhixiang Electronics Co., Ltd , we are professional printed circuit board manufacturer, you can try to send us RFQ, may we will be your next strong...

Product Details

Professional Manufactur hot f4bm255 pcb floor

 scale custom pcb design


Best quality high power aluminum led PCB, led PCB


This is Disa from Shenzhen Yuzhixiang Electronics Co., Ltd,

we are professional printed circuit board manufacturer, 

you can try to send us RFQ, may we will be your next strong supplier.


We can design MCPCB, develop and manufacture application products

for customers according to their product design requirements. 


Quotation required:
1) Gerber file / PCB file &  Bom list 
2) Clear pictures of pcb/ fpc/ pcba or pcba sample for us
3) The PCB specification: base material, board thickness, copper thickness,

     surface finishing, gold immersion thickness, and any other special requirements.
4) Test method for PCB/PCBA



High-power LED lamp, LED street lamp, LED track lamp, LED backlight,

LED bulb light and so on Lamps lighting: With the promotion of energy-saving

lights to promote energy-saving LED lights colorful received by the market, while

the aluminum plate used in LED lights began large-scale application.  


MCPCB parameters of the system board

Technology Projects

Board System Capacities and Specifications


MCPCB (Aluminum Base Board )

Model Materials

Domestic Aluminum, Overseas Aluminum, CCAF-01, CCAF-04, CCAF-05

Surface Treatment

HAL / Lead Free HAL/ Chemical Gold / Chemical Sn / OSP


MCPCB Single / Double-sided Aluminum Plate

Max. Size

1100mm * 450mm

Min. Size

10mm * 10mm

Processing Thickness

0.3 ~ 3.2mm

Min. Diameter of Punching

1.0mm following 1.0mm

Min. Specifications Slot

Thickness below1.0mm: 0.8 * 0.8mm

Thickness below1.2 ~ 3.0mm: 1.0 * 1.0mm

Red Silk Square Deviation Slot

± 0.076mm

Smallest Aperture


Largest Aperture

No limited

V-cut Plate Thickness Range

0.6mm ~ 3.0mm

Smallest Components Font Tag


Copper Foil Thickness

18um / 35um / 70um / 105um

Tolerance Molding

± 0.15mm

Smallest Windowpad



Delivery Time

Layers              Sample             First Order            Repeat Order    
Single side3 days7 days6 days
Double side4 days8 days7 days
4 Layer7 days9 days8 days
6 Layer8 days10 days9 days
8 Layer10 days12 days10 days
10 Layer12 days14 days12 days
Alu-base3 days8 days7 days
FPC 1 layer5 days8 days8 days


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Printed Circuit Board Factory process

PCB production line



1.Who we are?

SHENZHEN SUNSOAR CIRCUIT CO.,LTD. is an professional OEM manufacturer of PCB and PCBA,  and engaged in Printed Circuit Board for 10 years.

2.What we can do?

1. PCB production service. Available on CEM-1,CEM-3, FR-4, TG150-180, Aluminum, FPC

2. PCB and PCBA copy service (PCB and PCBA reverse engineering service)

3. PCB assembly service. Available on SMT, BGA, DIP.

4. End products assemble. Available on Final Functional testing and final package

5. Electronic Components purchasing service

6. PCB and PCBA design service

3. What you will got?

1. Professional custom-made service

2. Strictly Condidential for every customer

3. one-on-one to solve customer question and problem

4. Fast delivery service

5. Best after-service  

4. What we need?

1.For PCB order, please provide Gerber file or pcb file. Any details are also welcomed if no Gerber file.

2.Large PCB quantity order, quotation will be based on SQM.

3.For PCBA order, please provide the Gerber file, pcb file and BOM List.

4.Reverse engineering and PCB clone service can be supplied with your printed circuit board supplied.

5. Why choose us?

Professional on PCB & PCBA for 10 years -- One-Stop Service!

  ♥ PCB EMC layout and copy/corrective services/Testing sevices/Certification services

  ♥ From 1 to 24 layers PCB Fabrication

  ♥ From sample to batch processing

  ♥ 48 hours fastest delivery

  ♥ IPC2/3 acceptance criteria

6. What’s our One-stop source Service?

1) PCB design: pls send us your schematic diagram if you have.
2) PCB copy:  pls send us a sample board.
3) PCB production: pls send us your gerber file / PCB file / Protel file / Autocar file etc with board specification.
4) PCBA design: schematic diagram and board specific functions. 
5) PCBA copy: pls send us sample board (better two samples) and the function test the mod. 
6) PCBA production: PCB file, BOM list is required.


Contact Details

Professional Manufactur Custom Design Circuit Board Electronic Pcb

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