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The Most Important Key To Product Success Is PCB Design

Like all new technologies, engineers spent some time to accept and promote PCB boards. In the 1960s, Zeneth, a veteran electronics company in the United States, always advertised their use of point-to-point wiring, as shown in Figure 1. Today, almost all electronic products are built on PCBs.


But over the years, PCBs seem to have been "degraded" in the field of electronic engineering, becoming an unsung hero who has only quietly paid behind the scenes. Managers believe that PCB layout is a trivial manufacturing problem, not a design engineer needs to care about; but as digital circuits change Faster and faster, and RF circuits are also placed in PCBs. Boards have become limiting factors in many designs. Although computer-aided design (CAD) tools can help engineers design circuit boards, CAD's automatic winding function is usually Will bring more problems.

Modern PCB is not only a time killer, but also a key component with precise design requirements; the operating frequency of electronic devices and the signal rise/fall times are getting faster and faster, so PCBs have become more and more important.

Don't neglect your PCB design. Pay attention to the recommendations of the component specification sheet. Application engineers from semiconductor manufacturers can give you a lot of help. But it should be noted that the application engineers of semiconductor manufacturers are IC experts, not system engineers, so they may tell you today to separate the analog and digital ground planes and link them with analog-to-digital converter (ADC) chips; but they Will not tell you what to do if there are 5 ADCs on the board.

To learn more about PCB design, there are many training courses and technical seminars to attend. Professional senior engineers will teach you how to properly use the layout of components and winding rules to make your design to avoid noise or sensitive to noise; You can also learn to ensure that your design has good signal and power integrity.

If you don't want your product designs to be lumpy or problematic, you absolutely need to learn all about PCB design and manufacturing. That's your product design foundation, just like the foundation of a house. No one wants it. It wobbles!

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