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Print Single-sided Circuit Boards: After The Recycling Priceless

Print Single-sided Circuit Boards: After

The Recycling Priceless

Single-sided circuit boards know the status and composition of PCB based on introduced China's current major disposal and recycling of waste circuit boards, in particular aiming at the recycling process of waste circuit board resource problem of insufficient attention to non-metallic materials, recycling of non-metal materials technology is proposed, and prospect of waste circuit boards using prospect of non-metallic materials.

With the wide application of electronic products and the rapid development of the industry, waste products including obsolete computers, electronic equipment, household appliances, others out of a variety of electronic instrumentation, and industrial waste, waste generated in production, has become a new environmental risks. Current consumption and production of electronic products in China are in the world, problems of environmental pollution by electronic waste becomes more and more prominent.

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