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PCBA Surface Acceptable Size Of Tin Beads

Tin beads can receive the standard:

1, the diameter of tin beads does not exceed 0.13mm

2. The number of tin beads of diameter 0.05mm-0.13mm in the range of 600mm2 shall not exceed 5 (on one side)

3, the number of tin beads below 0.05 in diameter does not require

4. All solder balls must be wrapped in flux and immovable (wrapped to 1/2 of the solder ball height is considered to be wrapped)

5, tin beads did not make different network conductors to reduce the gap to below 0.13mm

Note: except for special control areas

Tin beads rejection criteria:

Any of the acceptance criteria does not meet the criteria for rejection.


1. Special control area: Tiny beads that are visible under microscope under 20x are not allowed in the range of 1mm around the capacitance pad on the golden finger's differential signal line.

2. The presence of tin beads represents a process warning. SMT chip manufacturers should continue to improve the process to minimize the occurrence of tin beads.

PCBA appearance inspection standard is a basic standard for acceptance of electronic products. According to different products and different requirements of customers, the acceptable requirements for tin beads will be different, generally based on the national standard, combined with the requirements of customers. To determine the standard.


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