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TopoR and TopoR's History with Printed circuit board

TopoR and TopoR's History with Printed

circuit board


TopoR (Topological Router) is an EDA program developed and maintained by Eremex company, based in Russia. It is dedicated to laying out a printed circuit board (PCB). It currently lacks schematic capture and library editing (which have to be done using third-party software), but features a powerful autorouter and a set of tools intended to reduce the amount of effort needed for manual routing of a PCB. The most recognizable feature of TopoR is absence of preferred routing directions, which results in unusual looking PCBs.


Printed circuit board sample

Work on a flexible topological router began in 1988, when it became clear that the traditional methods of routing with regular and irregular grids (grid-based routers and shape-based routers) and consecutive wiring with locked-down geometry were a dead-end solution.

1996 saw the release of the first version of a topological router that actually came to be used by industrial enterprises. The FreeStyle Router ran under MS-DOS and successfully routed dual-layer boards. This early router showed the advantages of an innovative approach to routing and high efficiency of the models, algorithms, and software implementation. A 1.44MB floppy disk was enough for the program and accompanying examples.

The first Windows version of the topological router was released in 2001 and named TopoR. The program routed not only dual-layer but also multilayer printed circuit boards.

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