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PCB line circuit boards and FPB problems encountered

PCB line circuit boards and FPB problems


1, lines appear dry or wet processed corrosion occurred in the etched lines, pitting, resulting in line is not wide enough, or uneven line. The reason and the wrong choice of wet and dry material, exposure parameters properly, poor machine performance. Developing, etching nozzle adjustment, parameter adjustment is unreasonable, inappropriate drug concentration range, transmission speed series may result in problems such as improper reason. However, we often find that after checking the above parameters and related equipment performance, and there is no exception, but do still occur when the Board circuit board etching, pitting, and so on.

2, and in do PCB graphics plating, PCB, and FPC Terminal surface processing as sank gold, electric gold, electric Tin, of Tin, process processing Shi, we regular found do out of Board in wet and dry film edge or resistance welding layer edge appeared infiltration plating of phenomenon, or most Board appeared, or part place appeared, regardless of is which a situation will brings not necessary of scrap or bad for Hou section processing brings not necessary of trouble, and eventually scrap, was heartache! Analysis of the reason we often think is wet membrane parameters, material performance problem; solder mask ink for hard, soft boards covering issues, or printing, lamination and curing section there is a problem. Indeed, everywhere in these places can cause this problem to occur. So we are also puzzled by check section of the steps above did not question or problem solved, but still the phenomenon of diffusion.

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