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PCB design FAQs

PCB design FAQs

1, how to choose PCB sheet?

Choose PCB sheet design must meet the needs and achieve the balance between production and cost points. Design requirements include electrical and body in two parts. Usually in very high-speed PCB design Board (more than GHz frequency) when material issues are more important. For example, now commonly used in FR-4 material, among a few GHz frequency dielectric loss (dielectric loss) will have a big impact on signal attenuation, may not fit the Bill. As for electrical, note relative permittivity (dielectric constant) and dielectric loss on the suitability of the design of the frequency.

2, how to avoid frequency interference?

Avoid the basic idea is to minimize the frequency of high-frequency interference signals of electromagnetic interference, the so-called crosstalk (Crosstalk). Widening the distance between the high speed and analog signal or ground guard/shunt traces next to the analog signal. Note also that the digital simulation of noise.

3, in the design of high speed, how to solve signal integrity problems?

Signal integrity is basically the impedance matching problem. And influencing factors of impedance matching signal source's schema and output impedance (output impedance), walk the line's characteristic impedance, load characteristics, alignment of the topology (topology) structure and so on. Solution is to rely on termination (termination) and adjusting the alignment of the topology.

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