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Layers of circuit board identification techniques

Layers of circuit board identification techniques

Copper foil is covered in the whole circuit board and part of the production process to be etched away, PCB substrate itself is insulated, and difficult to bend the material produced by. Surface material is a small line of copper foil. Stay turned into a mesh of tiny lines these lines are called wire or wiring to provide parts of the circuit on the circuit board. Circuit Board of color is usually Brown or green, the color of the paint is solder. Insulating protective layer, thus preserving the copper wire, can also prevent the parts being welded to the wrong place.

Circuit board largely wiring area can be added. Multilayer PCB used more single-or double-sided wiring boards on both the video card and the motherboard is now plywood. And in between each layer in a layer of insulating layer lamination. Layers of the circuit board on behalf of the independent wiring layers, layers are usually even-numbered, and includes the two layers on the outside, rare circuit board is a 48-story structure. Many layers of the circuit board you can watch section of the circuit board to look out for. But in fact, no one can have such a good eye. So, teach you one of the following methods.

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