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Double sided FPC manufacture process of FPC packages:

Double sided FPC manufacture process of FPC


FPC packing method is commonly used to FPC flexible printed circuit board 10~20 them together, tape the roll each part fixed on the cardboard, to avoid the use of adhesive tape, tape adhesives contain chemicals seep is easy to cause oxidative discoloration of Terminal. Basement membrane is polyimide membrane because it is easy to absorb moisture, FPC flexible printed circuit board together with silica gel desiccant packed in polyethylene bags and seal bag. Then and cushioning material packed into corrugated cardboard boxes. As FPC flexible printed circuit board shape is unique, so according to the different shapes with different packaging methods.

Plenty of flexible printed board FPC in rushed cut shape zhiqian, first will its posted in coated cloth has weak rubber sticky agent of polyester supporting tablets Shang, again with knife die for half cut shape processing (embedded rushed cut), on such intact handed user, user can put flexible printed board FPC removed to assembled, also can first for assembled, assembled end Hou again from polyester supporting film Shang take down. This method can only be used on small size products, both FPC flexible printed circuit board manufacturers or the user can greatly improve the process efficiency.

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