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China customized PCB board prototype Assembly provide one stop service

Sunsoar successfully provide PCB&PCBA prototype,small batch with quick production services.

Product Details

China customized pcb board prototype Assembly provide one stop service

Quick-turn Custom-made PCB Prototype Assembly Services

Sunsoar successfully provide PCB&PCBA prototype,small batch with quick production services. It can well save your energy and reduce the research and development time of new electronic product, we’re sincerely want to help customer win more business from market.

● SMT, DIP technology support

● Environmental Protect Lead Free HASL

● 24 Hour Non-stop Tech Support and Production Low Minimums

● Various sizes like 1206,0805,0603,0402,0201 components SMT technology

● Environmental Protect Lead Free HASL

● Component purchasing,SMT/PCBA one-stop service.

● Manufactured by Gerber File and BOM List from Customer

Items We Need For A Quick PCB with Components:

Besides the items we mentioned above for PCB,we will also need:

A.Complete BOM(Bill of Material) with reference, part name,part description, quantity,manufacturer’s name or link for each component.

B. PCB Gerber with Pick_place file.

With complete files above,we are available around the clock to provide express service to our customers.It’s always our biggest pleasure to help customers get the PCBs in time to win the market or deliver the PCBs to their own customers in time to make them happy.

Q: What kind of PCB file format can you accept for PCB production?

We accept Gerber file for production.such as CAM350, Altium Designer,Protel, Powerpcb, Autocad, Orcad, Eagle, etc.

Q: Will you allow me to put several pcb together into one panel?

Yes, this way can help customers reduce pcb production cost and stencil cost.

Q: What is your minimum order quantity?

In fact We have no limitation on MOQ requirement, you can place the order quantity according to your market situation,sometime we will suggest a reasonable price and quantity for you reference.

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